Microbial growth in preserved chemical products can present a major problem.  If left unchecked, microbial contamination originating from raw materials and intermediate products can compromise manufacturing process performance, equipment integrity and final product quality. The best solution is early detection and proactive treatment. Through fast, portable, and accurate testing, LuminUltra's solutions instantly measure the total microbiological content in raw materials, intermediates, and final products to proactively locate any potential source of microbial contamination. LuminUltra’s solutions provide you with an economical and reliable option to save time and money, reduce operational risks, and protect the quality of your final product.


 QuenchGone21 Specialty (QG21S)


Our QG21 Specialty Analysis provides the means to accurately monitor and control total microbial population and stress level in non-filterable industrial & consumer products requiring preservation, including slurries, paints, and coatings. QG21S serves as the ideal “first line of defence” for QA/QC programs in chemical manufacturing by providing a real-time indication of total microbial activity and an immediate “pass/fail” designation.                                                                                                                                                           

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