Century/Axalta Coating Systems


Century Industrial Coatings has built its business on passion and hard work. With over forty years of manufacturing experience and a commitment to research and development, Century delivers user-friendly, high-quality paints and coatings.

We're a custom coatings manufacturer that first looks at your requirements in detail, then develops or modifies a product for that need. We have relatively few off-the-shelf products since what one customer requires is seldom exactly the same as another, even if in the same industry.

Century currently serves the following markets: storage tank, OEM, wood, hardboard, transportation, coil and structural steel.

Century has been particularly successful due to the common values that have been instilled at all levels of the company:


We're honest people. We do what we say we'll do. We stand behind our products and services.


We're at the forefront in technology for the markets we serve. Our strategy is to always be a step ahead of our competitors in product innovation, particularly with respect to green coatings technology. Our technical staff is highly respected in the industry and splits its time between laboratory and field to stay in close contact with our customers and the practical use of our products.


Our products are designed to perform according to our customers' needs and often beyond. Whether it be tank linings which have to resist corrosive chemicals over many years or long-span joist coatings which must resist water only from manufacturing site to construction site, our products perform.

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