Graphenstone is the revolution for the Paint Industry. We at Graphenstone believe in innovation and green world. Graphenstone is the first global manufacturer of NATURAL products lime-based with graphene technology such as paints, coatings, mortars and adhesives; free from harmful substances as biocides or plasticizers. 


The porous nature of Graphenstone coatings ensure walls breathing, preventing moisture build up, and creating safe and healthy environments. Moreover, Graphenstone reduces CO2 in the air because of the lime cycle. 


And, thanks to graphene technology we obtain a mineral coating flexible, washable, durable and with excellent thermal conductivity improving the energy savings. Furthermore, Graphenstone is the first paint in the world with Cradle to Cradle GOLD Certificate, which is now the most demanding worldwide sustainable product certification, and also the GreenRate LEVEL A Certificate and HealthGOLD by Global GreenTag, being the first paint with such recognition. Graphenstone range has also been approved by Sensitive Choice as Asthma Friendly. 


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