J Colors. A family affair.

J Colors' history is marked by passion, commitment and innovation. A history inextricably linked to that of the Junghanns family.

Founded by Giovanni Junghanns in the '20s, the company notched up its first and most pivotal success in the post-war period when his son Hans joined the company: it was Hans whose insight led to the creation of Acolor, a pioneering concentrated colouring paste that was eagerly received by the market. Through Acolor, which was distributed to over 15,000 stores in the fifties, the company made a name for itself across the whole country. In the wake of this success, Junghanns Chimica e Vernici was established in the mid-'60s, entering the construction paints market with its VIP brand.

The second decisive turning point in the group's history came in 1981 with the advent of Colorstudio, the first professional tinting system capable of reproducing thousands of colours with hitherto unimaginable versatility and accuracy.

Bolstered by the technological supremacy gained with Colorstudio, Carlo Junghanns - who took over the company's helm – was successful in strengthening the Group over the coming years through a series of strategic takeovers:

Paramatti: one of the market's longest standing brands, valued for the past 160-plus years for the high quality of its products.

Rossetti: "Vernici e idee" (paints and ideas), a prestigious brand that has always been known for its highly innovative products, the result of continuous technological research.

Toscano: a revered name in Italian paint history, enjoying one of the greatest reputations for reliability and highest levels of customer loyalty across the country. 

Arsonsisi: a business going back more than 80 years, an established name in the industrial powder, liquid and electrodeposition paint market.

Sebino: the ultimate in special paints, offering custom metal and plastic coating solutions for over 50 years, with hi-tech products. 

Elcrom: specialists in anticorrosion and all-round industry solutions with the Elcofast tinting system. 

Edel: company specialized in the production of cutting-edge machinery and tinting systems. 

This galaxy of brands has made the Junghanns group the international-scale business it is today, with ever-broader and continuously evolving product lines. The Group currently has logistic facilities in all leading European countries in addition to our own network of stores in Russia.

In more recent years, J Colors has also entered the specialist retail chains with the Paramatti Lo Specifico brand, which stands out for its range targeting the world of DIY and home decorating.

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