PT Propan Raya ICC is a manufacturing company which engaged in the field of chemical coatings, or commonly known as 'paint'. Founded by DR. Hendra Adidarma Dipl. Chemiker in 1979 with a concentration in the field of wood finishing market for rattan handicraft and furniture making it the paint company no. 1 for wood finishing..

With its vision "To Be The Most Innovative Surface Coating Company with World Class Quality" PT Propan Raya ICC successfully venturing into other fields and master of decorative paint market thus making the company as "The Paint Specialist". This is proved by its success earned ISO 9001 certification that ensures the quality and the quality of its products.

PT Propan Raya ICC also has a mission consisting of:

  •  A commitment to maintain the value and quality of the product so that customers always get the best with regard to the quality of the suitability of the product / color, resilient, consistent, and quality of services and functions of the products.
  •  Develop the people to be knowledgeable, creative and innovative.
  •  Being a lead-player in the field of wood coatings throughout East Asia.
  •  Developing environment-friendly paint in accordance with International standards..

Supported by more than 2,000 employees, PT Propan Raya ICC is capable of producing up to 30,000 miliTon per year with a distribution network consisting of 18 branches, 16 distributors, 23 PSC (Propan Service Centre), and 9,000 outlets across Indonesia so we guarantee the delivery time of products. Even, now PT Propan Raya ICC International has penetrated to the world which starts from Malaysia and Vietnam..

Ultran, Impra and Propan are the brands of PT Propan Raya ICC products and well known by the professionals, retail and industrial..

In addition to the products mentioned earlier, the PT Propan Raya ICC also develop environment-friendly products to support the environmental movement in accordance with the International standards..

To achieve customer satisfaction and create a good relationship with its customers, PT Propan Raya ICC also constantly organizing various training in products application, exhibitions and seminars so its brands increasingly recognized and can bring it into no.1 paint company in Asia.

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