Laiex EMEA

LAIEX began its journey in 1970 in the town of Mislata, Valencia, Spain. In 1978, we moved to Paterna, occupying an initial area of 14,000m², where the headquarters are currently located.

We started out as a manufacturer of SBR compounds for the carpet industry in the automotive and textile sectors; LAIEX expanded its main activity in the year 2000, venturing into the field of polymerization of water-based acrylic and vinyl emulsions for coatings in the paint, footwear and construction sector.

After having experienced a constant growth, LAIEX started producing base raw material under its own management. This decision led to what LAIEX is today, a manufacturer of raw materials that has a portfolio of more than 200 solutions in the form of products, services and technologies.

The emulsions we manufacture are the main binder in the final products of car carpet manufacturers, textile finishing manufacturers, stamping manufacturers, carpet reverse manufacturers, paint manufacturers, coating manufacturers, adhesive manufacturers, asphalt manufacturers, mortar manufacturers, detergent manufacturers, agricultural regeneration manufacturers, etc.

In addition to Spain, the company has been manufacturing in Brazil since 2010 and currently distributes in 39 countries. In 2019, coinciding with our 50th anniversary, LAIEX has opened a new chemical plant in Recklinghausen, North-Westphalia, Germany. The multinational, with plants in Sao Paulo, Valencia and now Recklinghausen, has hence increased its production capacity by 140%, reaching its strategic production and distribution channel in central Europe.

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