Rayan Environmental Solutions


Rayan Environmental Solutions was founded in Moncton in 1989 as Rayan Investments Ltd. The company is the only glass processor in Atlantic Canada, having partnered with Alcool NB Liquor in 1992 (under the Beverage Containers Act) to manage all non-refillable, deposit-bearing empty alcoholic beverage containers returned through the various redemption centers around the province. Rayan has processed hundreds of millions of containers made out of glass, aluminum and plastic. While recycling is the company’s core business, it is also involved in the recycling of scrap steel and precious metals as well as operating our own fleet of trucks.

With its dedication to the environment and commitment to value-added innovation, Rayan has developed a unique process to clean, grind and classify powdered glass to serve the chemical filler market. These products are exported from New Brunswick to markets throughout North America and the Caribbean. Rayan is the leading company in North America manufacturing a premium white filler/extender from recycled glass.


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