Vinavil - EMEA

Since 1994 VINAVIL has been progressively investing in all their manufacturing plants, with particular focus on the environment and on the health and safety of their employees. R&D is the company’s jewel in the crown with 3 research facilities coordinated by the center of excellence in Villadossola (VB - Italy).

Following the continuous, ongoing industrial investment program to upgrade and redevelop all Vinavil’s manufacturing plants around the world, the total production capacity of polymers now stands at around 450,000MT/year. The current product portfolio puts the company in a position to supply a vast range of market sectors, such as adhesives, adhesives for papergoods, wood, textiles, construction, and specialty applications; paints and coatings industry, such as architectural paints, wood coatings, industrial maintenance, and direct-to-metal coating and the elastomeric and waterproofing markets, as well as the food industry, such as chewing gum and cheese coatings.

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