Orgachim (Policolor Group)

We are one of the Southeast Europe’s largest and best-equipped chemical companies, having a long history in the manufacturing of specialty chemicals and coatings. We have advanced industrial facilities and devote significant resources towards the diversification into new and more sophisticated products in compliance with the standards on safety, environmental and public health protection. We are leading the chemical industry towards continuous development and we are constantly striving to provide added benefit to society.

“Orgachim” brings over 120 years of experience and heritage to the chemical industry. The quality established over the years coupled with our constant desire to improve and to put customers’ needs first, made us to be an unconditional market leader in the manufacturing of paints and varnishes in Bulgaria.

We create colourful home environments through our high-quality products established on the market and offer sustainable construction solutions, long-term protection in the industry and precise shades of colour when it comes to repairing a vehicle.

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