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Guild CPO is an international organization of paint, coatings and related manufacturers organized to provide cooperative purchasing services for its member companies to improve their profitability. Guild CPO was established as a global buying cooperative in 1988 focusing on the procurement of raw materials and services for the coatings and other related industries


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  • Guild CPO on behalf of its members negotiates volume-purchasing programs with companies that supply key raw materials and other supplies required by Guild CPO members. Each Guild CPO member, no matter what size, is able to enjoy the economies of scale on purchasing from participating suppliers. By keeping the cost of raw materials and supplies as low as possible through group purchasing efficiencies, our members are able to manufacture quality products at competitive prices and thereby compete effectively in the marketplace.

    The ability to purchase raw materials and supplies at group purchasing rates is but one benefit of Guild CPO membership. Guild CPO and its members include many industry leaders that have a wealth of experience in different areas. At general meetings, Guild CPO presents educational programs on different aspects of business, for example e-commerce or programs to enhance quality and safety, or to increase efficiency thereby making members better able to compete. These opportunities for members are invaluable. They help members make better business decisions and continue to help our members compete more effectively in the marketplace.

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    How We Operate

  • It is our mission to:

    • Optimize purchasing opportunities for our members by developing approved supplier programs.
    • Effectively maintain communication and information systems for member companies and approved suppliers.
    • Expand our membership globally.
  • We will accomplish this by:

    • Continuing to develop the optimum network of approved suppliers.
    • Pursue appropriate local, regional, national and global relationships with approved suppliers to meet member's needs for purchasing of raw materials, supplies and services.
    • Expand our approved supplier network as memberships' needs change and the growth of members continues into other related industries.

2022 Guild Board of Directors

    • Tim Vogel, Cloverdale Paint - President
    • Rick Strube, Florida Paints - Vice President
    • Davies Hood, Induron - Treasurer
    • John Milgram, Aexcel Corporation - Secretary
    • Kevin O'Connor, General Paints
    • Todd Imes, Davies Imperial Coatings
    • David O'Leary, O'Leary Paint Co
    • Doug Vogel, Diamond Vogel
    • Michael B Jorgensen, Beck & Jorgensen

Our Participants