Yenkin Majestic Paint Corp

Since its founding in 1920, Yenkin-Majestic has become one of the largest, independent industrial coatings manufacturers and distributors in the U.S. Our product line has grown from traditional air-dry and bake finishes to include the latest two-part urethanes, waterborne epoxies and acrylics, and other next-generation finishes. This leadership in polymer research has given us unparalleled flexibility to formulate exact system solutions to unique finishing needs.

A Steady, On-Time Supply of Material to Eliminate Downtime
With the extensive formulation, processing and storage facilities in our integrated operation, we can produce the quantities you need and deliver them "Just In Time” to meet your production schedules. Through electronic data interchange (EDI) and other emerging e-commerce technologies, we can precisely coordinate our manufacturing schedules with your production finishing requirements. And if your finishing needs or processing parameters change, our technical support service team is immediately available to modify or replace your high performance coating system.

Proven in Our Lab to Perform on Your Product
Based on our years of experience and a thorough understanding of your finishing needs and manufacturing process, we select a coating system that we apply to your substrate, using your cleaning pretreatment, application method and drying/curing procedure. Then coated samples are subjected to an extensive battery of physical and chemical tests which may include pencil hardness, direct and reverse impact, conical mandrel, taber abrasion, adhesion, MEK rub, QUV, salt spray and humidity cabinet. Test panels may also be sent to Florida for intense exposure to sun and humidity. Coatings are evaluated for VOC's, solids, viscosity, pot life, flash time and other parameters that will affect the application process.

More Than Meets the Eye
Yenkin-Majestic industrial coating solutions address the standard issues of VOC, color, gloss retention, texture and surface protection. Our two-component Isobond® urethanes can be formulated with up to 100% gloss for extraordinary depth-of-image, while providing hardness and adhesion necessary to protect substrates from repeated contact and abrasion. Waterborne epoxies can be formulated to provide exceptional corrosion and chemical resistance, and acrylics can be formulated to produce an extremely flat finish with the textured "professional” image favored by electronics companies and other manufacturers of high-tech equipment.

Our total finishing solutions address the issues of industrial coating economics as well. With an in-depth understanding of application methodology, we formulate our coatings to provide maximum coverage with minimum film thickness and high transfer efficiency to reduce overspray. We work to lower drying temperatures to minimize energy consumption and achieve faster drying to reduce line dwell time. Our finishes are formulated to meet VOC emission limits and the overspray is designed to be land-fillable where possible to minimize disposal costs.

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