Berry Global (Letica)

Offering a full spectrum of packaging and process solutions

Berry Global is a multi-faceted packaging company with diverse talent and technologies to support your business on a number of fronts. Whether engineering custom packaging designs, optimizing your in-line automation systems or amplifying your brand through precision graphics, our innovative packaging and process solutions can contribute to your success.

We work in multiple technologies such as thermoform, injection mold, paper-forming and sheet extrusion as well as with multiple mediums including paper, rigid and thinwall plastic, reclaimed post-consumer fiber, and other environmentally-friendly materials. These broad capabilities make us one of America’s largest packaging manufacturers, serving business-to-business, consumer and special project customers spanning markets from industrial and foodservice to entertainment and retail.

Our private ownership gives us the stability, control and resources to take your project from inception to reality in house, enabling fast and efficient time-to-market projects that aim to avoid any disruption on your end. We seamlessly oversee scheduling, automation/workflow evaluations, packaging design, tooling/molding, product testing, printing plates/graphics and manufacturing – straight through to on-time delivery by our private fleet to your loading dock.

Collectively, this results in consistently reliable product quality, performance, aesthetics and delivery to customers around the globe through our coast-to-coast, US-based operations and team.

Our Mission

To be the preferred packaging partner; the supplier that best understands and fulfills the product, service and business needs of those we serve.


To improve the lives of our employees, customers and product end users through powerful packaging solutions.


  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Discovery & Creativity
  • Quality
  • Value/ROI
  • Urgency
  • Satisfaction

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