Adams Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Adams Paint Company has been manufacturing paint and coatings in West Texas since 1955. Our APCO Coatings brand consists of a broad range of products including cost effective alkyd enamels and primers, highly chemical resistant tank linings, high performance acrylic polyurethanes, 100% solids epoxies and polyurea.

Our products are the result of six decades of industry experience built upon both laboratory testing and real world . Our understanding of all aspects of the coating job, from surface prep, application equipment and service environments ensure APCO coatings are engineered to stand the test of time. Key raw materials such as resins and curing agents are sourced only from industry leading suppliers and are all domestically produced. Rigid quality control standards ensure consistency batch after batch.

We strive to be a one-stop shop for your industrial paint and coatings needs. To complement APCO paints and coatings, we stock the other essential items necessary to complete your project. Products include spray and blasting equipment, abrasives, respirators and protective coveralls just to name a few. We even provide custom-filled aerosol paints, making future touch-up work and small jobs convenient and fast. Plus, we have factory trained technicians on staff for Graco and Binks spray equipment.

At Adams Paint Company, we’re with you start to finish… and beyond!

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