Since 1960, the year of birth of Pinturas Blatem, and especially since 1977, the date on which it was acquired by its current owner José Luna, the company has established a process of continuous evolution and growth.

Innovation marks the most relevant milestones of our company. In 2000, Blatem Pinturas introduced a new Industrial Tintometric System (STI) that allows just-in-time manufacturing and, a year later, the company manages to revolutionize the paint market with its Fragrances line: paint and breathe your color.

In 2002, a new line of fire treatments was born that responds to the growing concern about risk prevention. That same year, Pinturas Blatem acquired part of the Industrias Químicas Inseba SL business, thus beginning its journey through the industry and wood sector, acquiring new technologies for the industry division.

Currently, thanks to the great technological advance implemented from its laboratories, Pinturas Blatem develops its wide range of products with its own colorants, has a presence in more than 20 countries and maintains its capital 100% private.

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