ChemMasters Inc.

ChemMasters manufactures prepackaged construction chemicals including concrete cures, sealers, one-step cures with penetrating sealers, penetrating water repellents, densifiers, release agents, cementitious and polymer repair mortars and grouts, self levelers, bonding agents, pigmented coatings, anti-graffiti treatments and specialty coatings. Chemistries include acrylics, silanes, siloxanes, MMA, epoxy, urethane, siliconized acrylics, and elastomerics. Our brands include Safe-Cure, Spray-Cure, Polyseal, Vexcon, Certi-Vex, PowerSeal, Penseal, Aquanil, Duraguard, Silencure, Durapatch, ChemSpeed, ChemPatch, ChemPlug, Level-Top, Conset, Polytops, Chemisil and StarSeal.


ChemMasters also offers private label versions of our standard products and custom toll manufacturing of a wide variety of specialty coatings.

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