Enduits Stef Inc

Manufacturer of acrylic polymer coatings

Since their appearance on the North American market, external insulation systems with acrylic coatings have expanded considerably. This could not have occurred without an offer of quality systems that meet the needs of contractors and designers and especially those of our customers.

STEF Coating inc. is a manufacturing company specializing in the production of polymer-based coatings used for coating of outside and inside walls of family residences, commercial and industrial buildings, schools, churches etc. These coatings are available in 96 colours and various textures.

STEF Coating inc. offers various insulations and outside finishes that can meet all the needs of contractors and designers.

STEF Coating inc. offers polystyrene mouldings and columns used for indoor and outdoor decoration of construction projects.

STEF Coating inc. offers coatings and waterproofing sealants to seal surfaces and concrete masses.

STEF Coating inc. benefits from the expertise of qualified personnel to focus on what we believe to be the success of the future: quality and service. These objectives are shared by all staff, and are the guarantee of our customers’ satisfaction.

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