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Perfecting the Art of Making Paint Since 1905

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Since 1905, when we first opened our doors on Front Street in Memphis, Tennessee, Farrell-Calhoun Paint has been the favorite of professional painting contractors.  And for good reason – we have been dedicated to working with our customers to give them the quality products they need to ensure a superior paint job.

Still family owned and operated, Farrell-Calhoun remains focused on producing premium products that leave a lasting impression.  Our commitment to quality and dedication to the customer has enabled Farrell-Calhoun to grow from a small two-store operation to 35 company owned stores stretching from St. Louis, MO to Baton Rouge, LA and a dealer network that encompasses 13 states.

The focus on quality begins at the top of our organization with John A. Ward, Jr., the President/C.E.O of the company.  Being a chemist, he is committed to research and development to ensure that only the highest quality paints are labeled with our signature “Impressionist” Farrell-Calhoun label.  Our research lab is one of the largest in the industry relative to the size of our company, and that has allowed our dedicated chemists to utilize the latest technology to formulate some of the most innovative products on the market.  Many of our products like our 300 line, the best flat latex wall paint on the market today, exceed industry standards.  This premium product has unsurpassed touch-up and is one to the most washable and scrubbable paints available. 

Greenleaf Only

Protecting the Environment

With the ever growing emphasis towards Green products, Farrell-Calhoun is proud to offer our customers our “Green Leaf” designated products, which meet or exceed the criteria for coatings used in LEED® certified buildings as determined by the U. S. Green Building Council.  Farrell-Calhoun’s Green Leaf products have fewer VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) thereby improving indoor air quality and reducing harmful emissions.

Many of these environmentally preferable paints are made with a unique cross-linking resin system that gives the coating superior performance when compared with traditional non-green products.   Superior blocking resistance, adhesion, durability, washability, color and gloss retention as well as outstanding touch-up are hallmarks of the Green Leaf products. These properties add to the sustainability of the coating by decreasing the need for frequent repainting and reducing future emissions and solid waste.

Speaking of solid waste, for decades Farrell-Calhoun's manufacturing facility has been engineered so that we do not generate any hazardous waste.  We reuse everything we can.  From the dust collected in our dust collectors, to the wash water and used thinners used to clean our tanks – we turn them all into usable solutions as well as reworking all of our mis-tinted paints.  We have also implemented new processes in our manufacturing facility and company stores to become more energy efficient and reduce greenhouse gases. 


Our People

We apply the same principles in hiring people as we do in formulation paint – start with the best people available and the result will be superior service.  Once an employee starts with Farrell-Calhoun though, the service journey is just beginning.  We have ongoing training programs for all employees so that we stay focused on customer service and keep them up to date on the latest technology.  From research chemists - to delivery drivers - to store tinters, customer service is a way of life at Farrell-Calhoun.  We are dedicated to not just meeting the needs and specifications of our customers, but exceeding them.

Commitment to Quality

As news of our superior products spreads and our distribution area grows, dealers, paint contractors, architects, and facility managers are coming to rely and depend on Farrell-Calhoun products to give their job the look of a masterpiece that will last and last.  Whether it is painting a million dollar home, a multi-unit apartment complex, an international airport, a state of the art hospital, or a specialized industrial application – we’ve got your coating.  To keep up with ever increasing demand for Farrell-Calhoun products, our manufacturing facility underwent a multi-million dollar renovation and expansion in 1999 that increased production capacity from 1.7 million gallons to well over 3 million gallons per year.

Once customers experience the premium, quality and durability of Farrell-Calhoun paints, they’ll be impressed.  That’s why they continue to use it over all other regional and national brands.

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