Forrest Paint

As of February 2014, Forrest Paint Co. has adopted a new company logo along with the corporate brand name FORREST Technical Coatings.  This rebranding is a reflection of the company’s strategy and focus.  It is aligned with our commitment to advanced industrial products, solutions and support.  It also creates the opportunity to strengthen our portfolio of targeted sub-brands; for example, Stove Bright® by FORREST Technical Coatings.  The sub-brand Forrest Paint continues on in conjunction with our architectural products and retail business.

While refreshing and modernizing our logo, we maintained the three tree motif that has stood for Forrest Paint for the past four decades.  The continuity in the trees speaks to the fact that while we are innovating and focusing on the future, the core values of our family business remain unchanged.


Forrest Paint Co. was established in 1973 in Eugene, Oregon. Our customers include distributors, contractors, and equipment manufacturers regionally, nationally, and internationally.

We also operate a local retail outlet serving contractors and consumers with house paints and a variety of architectural coatings, tools, and accessories.

We offer a variety of liquid and powder coatings, with the ability to provide products formulated to meet the users’ needs in a timely manner. Consistency and innovation drive Forrest Paint Co. to provide excellent core products, as well as promote new specialized goods.

Forrest Paint is a pro-active, ecologically responsible, manufacturing company. Additionally, we are a leader in high performance coatings for use on wood, metal, plastics, and other substrates. These products are packaged in aerosols or bulk quantities. Forrest Paint has established a global reputation with the Stove Bright® hearth product line. We currently serve customers on five continents through twelve warehouses worldwide. Our unique experience in high temperature systems enables Forrest Paint to be on the cutting edge of heat-resistant coating technology.

Forrest Paint is backed by tremendous technical support. The laboratory consists of departments in metal, wood, and powder, providing quality control and dynamic research and development. Liquid products include UV Cured, Water Reducible, Low VOC, Low HAPS, Epoxies, Urethanes, High Temperature coatings, Primers, Alkyd Enamel Systems, and many other products engineered for specific applications.

Our powder coatings line includes Polyesters, Epoxies, Hybrids, and Polyurethane’s. Stove Bright® high temperature powder can withstand environments exceeding 1200°F.

Finally, we pride ourselves on compliance with all known regulations concerning safety, labeling, and environmental laws. Forrest Paint Co. is a leader in these areas, and will continue to be at the forefront of product and environmental progress.

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