Jamestown Coating Technologies

Environmentally Friendly Coatings

Designed for Your Unique Application

Whether it’s appearance, performance, or both, Jamestown’s got you covered. The tougher your customers’ requirements, the more you’ll appreciate our formulating approach. Our chemists work closely with your personnel to understand their needs and engineer environmentally-friendly. low-VOC coatings that enhance your products’ value.

We’ll Help You Choose the Right Coating

Alkyd coatings are offered in air-dry, force-dry and baked finishes. These inexpensive coatings offer good corrosion protection and are easy to apply to metal surfaces. Available in high-gloss to flat, Jamestown Coatings’ alkyds have excellent recoatability and are used as both primers and topcoats.

Epoxy coatings are typically used as primers or as single coats in areas where uv-protection is not needed. Jamestown Coatings’ epoxies offer superior adhesion and corrosion resistance. Single or plural component (2k) epoxies are available.

Polyester coatings offer a mix of good adhesion, flexibility and durability. Polyester coatings are typically baked finishes. Jamestown Coatings’ polyester coatings can be matched in virtually any color/gloss combination.

Acrylic coatings provide chemical resistance and durability. Typically used on metal and plastic parts, Jamestown Coatings’ acrylic coatings are available in any color/gloss combination.

Urethane coatings combine excellent durability with superior flexibility and chemical resistance. Jamestown Coatings’ urethane coatings are available in air-dry and oven-cure versions, allowing for application to heat-sensitive substrates.

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