Company’s history

JUB is considered to be the oldest wall paints manufacturing company in Slovenia, as well as in the wholeregion. The Company’s origins date back to the year 1875, which is when the first mineral paints were produced in the town of Dol pri Ljubljani, where the Company’s headquarters are still located today. The JUB brand name started to develop in 1919, when the ownership of the manufacturing plant was transferred to the Croatian shareholder company Jugoslovenska industrija ulja i boja (Yugoslav Industry of Oils and Paints) from Zagreb, the acronym of which gave the Company its name - JUB.


Organisation of JUB Company

Today, JUB Group consists of 13 companies in Slovenia and Europe.

Despite being strained between markets, the greatest advantage of the JUB Company is its “small size” which makes it adaptable enough to the needs and different characteristics of local markets. A guiding principle of successful sales is to cultivate partnership relations with buyers and investment into the development and knowledge of employees.

Today, JUB is characterized by modern automated and robotised production, high productivity, ecologic awareness and orientation of manufacturing with all the necessary certificates, modern energy arrangements, state-of-the-art own development of products and information technology, the highest credit rating, high working and social standard of employees and orientation towards buyers with the aim of catering for needs and tastes of all consumers.

In 2008, a Technological and research centre was established within the JUB Company, whose mission is to create innovative and health-friendly products as well environmentally-sound applicative technologies in the field of building construction chemistry. Thus, JUB wishes to promote development and create an innovative environment, which will provide the overall JUB Group and all its partners with increased and improved access to knowledge, new technologies and other services for own development and growth. In addition to the extensive product range, the future also lies in the development of diverse services for users, which facilitate the use of products and increase the comfort of living.



Care for quality, safety and environment


The environment, health and safety policy is a component part of the business policy and organisational culture of JUB. The quality of products and services, and constant improvement of processes are some of the key strategic orientations of the Company. In the realisation of these orientations, we are led by an integrated system of management with acquired standards.


High-quality and environment-friendly products


Quality and friendliness of products to both users and the environment are basic orientations of the JUB business policy. In planning and introduction of new technologies and products, we strive to fulfil the highest requirement for the quality of products, whereby we take into consideration the principles of environment protection and strive for selection of raw materials and materials which put the least burden on the environment and are user-friendly.

  • For the majority of our products, we are the first among Slovenian manufacturers to acquire the EU standards, especially the German ones, which confirm high quality and low content of dangerous substances.
  • In the area of interior paints, the above mentioned standards require products with a minimum content of volatile organic and other generally hazardous substances. Numerous products from our JUPOL family (JUPOL Gold, JUPOL Brilliant, JUPOL Latexi and JUPOL Silikat) fullfil the German, the so called ≫VdL≪, requirements. For several products, members of the JUPOL family (JUPOL Gold, JUPOL Brilliant, JUPOL Special, JUPOL Silikat and for the whole family of JUPOL Latex paints), we were among the first manufacturers (outside of Germany) to acquire the compliance certificate TUV SUD, the so-called ≫Schadstoffgepruft≪ on the minimum content of dangerous substances and emissions into the environment. JUB as the first company in the industry and in Slovenia received the European Environment Certificate named Ecolabel or the so called environmental flower for JUPOL Junior interior paint. The Cerificate proves the achieving of the highest standards in respect of the environment. The environmental flower is a Certificate, which the European consumers increasingly trust.
  • Products for the protection of wood and metals of the JUBIN brand fulfil the German standards for the quality of the painted products and, at the same time, they fulfil the requirements on the use of these coatings for the protection of children’s toys and playgrounds of standards SIST EN 71-3 and SIST EN 71-9 (JUBIN Decor primer, JUBIN Decor and JUBIN Lasur).
  • JUB is the first Slovenian manufacturer and is among the first in europe to observe the requirements on the limitation of Chrome content (Cr 6+) in concrete products and the first manufacturer in Slovenia to fulfil all the requirements of the European Directive on Construction products (CPD) and the resulting ZGPR (the Construction Products Act).
  • JUB also pays special attention to the provision of information to buyers. In addition to the frequant information through information leaflets, catalogues, promotional materials, advertisements, fairs and the Internet, we also organise education for retailers and contractors in the framework of the JUB Academy. Within each company, a technical and information service is organised which, on a daily basis, provides consultation for customers on the suitability and mode of use of our products.



Environmental Protection


Constant care for a healthy and safe working and living environment and investing in modern and environmentally-friendly technologies are prerequisites for a stable and secure future. This is reflected in the Company’s following activities:

  • Development of health- and environment-friendly products
  • Water protection
  • Waste management
  • Own power production
  • Cooperation with the local community
  • Participation in the European projects


In 1999, JUB joined the Responsible care programme. Within the framework of the Project, we have increased our level of care for health, safety and the environment, further motivated employees to continuously improve and enhance communication within and outside the chemical industry, which we have been proving for many years with the POR certificate and logo.


JUB is also a partner in the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign. The Campaign is an initiative of the European Commission under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme (2003-2006), which will contribute to achieving the energy policy objectives of the European Union in the fields of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, clean transport and alternative fuels. With the development project of the new Technical research centre, located in the town of Dol near Ljubljana, which represents an important contribution to the development of renewable energy and energy-saving systems by virtue of its design alone, JUB became a partner of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign 2005-2008, in cooperation with the University of Ljubljana.



JUB products and services


In the field of interior decoration, the most recognised brand is JUPOL. Today, the JUPOL family includes a wide variety of products that are tailored to the needs of different users. All the paints in the JUPOL family are water-based and health- and environment-friendly.

In addition to the products carrying the JUPOL brand name, we offer a series of other products intended for the decoration, protection or restoration of wall surfaces.


Strategic groups of products definitely include products for exterior decoration and protection. Among them, JUBIZOL EWI sytems should be brought into focus. Solutions offered by different versions of JUBIZOL are suitable for different climatic conditions.


JUB’s product range also includes other products and systems solutions intended mainly for professional users including products for ceramics and concrete and restoration of different surfaces. Development potential of JUB also includes coatings for wood and metal, which are joined under the JUBIN brand name.


Simultaneously with the products, JUB also develops services which are an indispensable part of the comprehensive offer for the needs of the contemporary times. Among JUB’s services, great emphasis should be put on the JUMIX, JUB Design Studio, JUB JUBIZOL Engineering and the JUB Academy.


The JUMIX tinting system enables the mixing of paints on special tinting stations. Today, JUB has approximately one thousand tinting stations throughout Europe and the world. Today, the development of tinting and new technologies enables the product to be tinted in a number of shades under standard colour charts (JUB, NCS, RAL and others) or in accordance with buyers’ wishes.



JUB has always paid particular regard to training of both its employees and its business partners. Expertise of these trainings and their useful value have been increasing the interest of our business partners over time according to participation. Therefore, we have decided to establish the JUB Academy.


Other reasons including good relationships with our business partners, knowledge of products and various application technologies, knowledge of global trends and novelties in the industry also contributed to the establishment of the JUB Academy. Long tradition of own development and production, high expertise and experience in the field of materials for finishing coats in the building industry and a wide range of own products all enable the basis for efficient operation of the JUB Academy.



Challenges for the future


Challenges for the future of JUB are continued growth and development, despite the strong global competition and increasingly uncertain economic circumstances.


In the long term, they can only be increased by a strong commitment to comprehensive and constant development of innovative solutions on the level of products and services, maintenance of satisfaction of our buyers, partnership cooperation with buyers and with the best suppliers as well as with a responsible approach towards the environment and our employees. It is also important to constantly increase efficiency, which can be achieved by improvements, rationalisation and automatisation of all the processes.

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