Nirlat Ltd

Nirlat is a leading paint company with a sterling reputation and exceptional experience and know-how.

Nirlat is also a world leader in acrylic sealant technology with R&D laboratories specializing in solvent-based wet paints and electrostatic powder coatings, acrylic water-based paints and various other coating and sealant solutions.

Nirlat produces a wide range of products for home and industrial use, well-known for their quality and reliability. These include water-based paints for exterior and interior use, wood paints and powder paints as well as infrastructure products. Nirlat also manufactures products which provide advanced solutions for painting and maintaining aluminum surfaces, galvanized sheet metal, construction, bridges and various industrial surfaces. Each year, Nirlat exports tons of powder to American, Canadian and European markets.

Nirlat provides extensive customer services ranging from a retail sales team to consultants for projects of all types and sizes, including professional consulting and supervision for major projects.

Nirlat continuously invests in state-of-the-art research laboratories and in the acquisition of know-how. Nirlat’s development team makes a constant effort in product development and promotion. 
Protecting the environment is a principle concern for Nirlat when developing new products. Nirlat's products are environmentally friendly and meet the exacting standards of the Ministry of the Environment.


Nirlat’s products are ISO 9000 certified (version 2000) and also meet the European standard, G.S.B. 128a.

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