Pinturas Osel S A de C V

In 1950, Don Oscar Elizondo Lopez started a small manufacturer of coatings company name took Paintings Monterrey SA de CV The company began operations with 8 employees and a production of 30,000 liters, per year.; mainly oriented to the industrial market.

In 1990, trade liberalization and globalization of markets moved the company to review their strategies and long-term goals. From this review, it is chosen for Quality, as the hub of its competitive strategy and is so Osel Paints SA de CV (OSEL) arises, pretending not to be the factory of the country's largest architectural coatings, but the best.Photo 6

In 1991, OSEL implements a visual communication system, known as Kanban to coordinate the logistical efforts of the company, achieving significantly reduce response time and inventory levels. The scope of this system comprises from the customer places an order until OSEL make their orders for raw materials suppliers.

Photo 4In 1992, the systems designed and installed in OSEL and collective learning of its staff engaged, were recognized with the Nuevo Leon Quality Award.

Photo 3In 1993, the company is again recognized now by the National Quality Award, which is given annually to the Mexican organizations that are distinguished by having the best practices for Total Quality Management, achieving competitive results in the market . Consult those documents here.

Currently the quality is not only a reality in the form of operating OSEL but represents a competitive advantage.

In 2000, 150% increases the installed capacity of the plant, using equipment that represent the latest in technology, materials that ensure high process quality and hygiene and a fully automated process that takes electronic record of all activities. 

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