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Why Ingredients Matter

The concept of Ingredients Matter is the driving force behind our business and guides us as we strive to give you, our customers, the best products for the job at hand.

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For us, Ingredients Matter means a few things.

On the product level, it means that the ingredients used to formulate our products will be chosen specifically to accommodate the needs, requirements, and well-being of our customers and their communities. Whether it’s our VOC-Free, Ultra-Friendly Natural Grass Paintsour Removable Synthetic Turf Paints, or our wide variety of striping and maintenance machinery – we always pay close attention to detail by focusing on every single ingredient that makes up our products.

On the human level, we see everyone on our team and your team as essential ingredients as well.

When growing our team, we strive to hire only the best individuals who will work together to assure that our products and customer service far exceed the expectations of our customers.

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You and your team are also essential ingredients to our success.

We count on the expertise and suggestions from our customers to inspire us and motivate us to continually improve our existing product line, and introduce new products. Without the support of our customers, our commitment to research and development would not be a central component of our daily work. Together, we’re one team working to advance the field marking paint industry.

So, the next time you see our tagline on a marketing piece or on our product label, hopefully you’ll now have a better understanding why we say, Ingredients Matter.

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