Roses Quality Paints Inc

Rose Talbert Paint Company

We are a regional paint manufacturer that has continuously operated from the Columbia, South Carolina area since 1919. Our long life is attributable to consistent production of high quality, environmentally-safe coating products.

Quality Products

Rose Talbert manufacturers a full line of Architectural, Low VOC Institutional, Light Industrial, OEM Primers and Finishes. Our line includes 100% Acrylic, Vinyl Acrylic, Alkyd, Elastomeric, Phenolic, Acrylic Epoxy, and Polyamide Epoxy. We also provide toll manufacturing, contract packaging, and private labeling. 
Rose Talbert products are tested quarterly to insure Quality Standards are maintained on a national level.

Expert Advice

From a gallon of wall paint to industrial specialty coatings, Rose Talbert is committed to our customers. Experienced, well-trained sales representatives provide expert advice on the selection of coatings for specific job requirements. Our sales team is supported by professional technical and administrative staff. We are dedicated to providing quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

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