Vitex since 1932 "writes" the history of color in Greece... 

Yannidis group was founded in 1932, with main activity in trade bituminous membranes for insulating buildings and continued with the creation of the necessary installations for mass production under the name "Hermes". In 1960 the company expanded its business to the production of paints and varnishes. VITEX brand was born! It was the company's first product in this industry. The company then was named ERMICHROM and VITEX was at the time a pioneering plastic paint color.

The product's success was based on fast drying properties, which enabled the user to "perform all the work faster and with greater economic benefit."

The commercial policy back then, aimed at the development of distribution at all the relevant stores all over Greece The graphical display of the label becomes well known in Greece and the container with "VITEX plastic color" becomes instantly recognizable. This way the brand «VITEX» acquires awareness and becomes a synonym of good quality plastic color for each use.

Along with the spread of the plastic color, the company develops more products relative to the wider range of decorative paints. 

Following the latest trends, and as the company's activities expand outside Greece, the trade name of the company today has become VITEX-HERMES, with VITEX referring to the production of coating paints and varnishes and HERMES in the field of bituminous waterproofing products 

Today we enjoy the highest esteem by Greek consumers in the field of color industries, and we are rapidly growing in the Balkans. 

The company supports its growth through uncompromising quality of its products, the high-level expertise and the strong bonds it has established between the commercial network of its customers, through a customer-friendly approach, and last but not least, by implementing honest and responsible practices showing constantly it's humane character. Vitex invests in Greek territory. Our investments in recent years include the creation of sophisticated production facilities of VITEX architectural paint colors, which makes us strong and flexible to the challenges of a constantly changing business environment. Believing in the possibility of penetration into other markets, we have formulated a strategic expansion of our company in other countries, in an effort to make internationally known our brand. 

The plant of insulating materials is found in Agia Paraskevi in Aspropyrgos as well. 

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