Burgess Pigment Company

Our Plant

The Plant Burgess Pigment Company was chartered in 1948. The company started production the same year, employing one Nichols-Herreshoff furnace. In 1960, Burgess installed a second multiple hearth furnace along with some unique Fluid Energy equipment to remove agglomerates from calcined clay. During 1964, Burgess put the first flash heat calciner into production to fulfill the demand for OPTIWHITE and OPTIWHITE P. 

Between 1964 and 1971, Burgess updated pulverization equipment, built a new corporate office building, expanded the quality control and research laboratory significantly, and installed a larger flash calciner. In the late 1970's and early 1980's, several additions were made, including additional calcining capacity, a continuous treatment plant, new silos and bag storage facilities enabling thousands of tons of various products to be readily available. The engineering department has keyed all expansions to achieve the ultimate in efficiency by utilizing the newest developments in machinery and technology. 

In the 90's additional calcining capacity was added, a new main office was built allowing the previous office to be completely dedicated to QA/QC and coatings research space, and a new laboratory was created to allow space for polymer and concrete focused customer support and research activities. 

Our Products

Burgess products have been widely accepted in the paint, wire and cable, plastic, rubber, cementitious and related industries. 

The key to the success of these products has been our awareness of customer requirements, stringent quality control, prompt delivery, and experienced technical service. 

By selection of one or more combination of Burgess products, the formulator or compounder can enhance the physical, optical, and chemical properties of final products. 

Experienced technical personnel in our laboratory can help develop the most efficient approaches with these products.



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