Palmer Holland

Established in 1925 as Palmer Supplies Company, today Palmer Holland is a North American specialty chemical and ingredient distributor of raw materials headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with 40+ account managers and ingredient consultants stationed throughout the United States and Canada.


Whether you're manufacturing coatings, creating the next generation packaging, innovating a metal cutting lubricant, or creating a sustainable crop or healthy snack, we have an extensive portfolio of market-specific products to solve your problems.


    Palmer Holland's global sourcing reach has allowed us to assemble a comprehensive product portfolio catering to the entire spectrum of adhesives and sealants formulations, providing for unique solutions to the most complex formulating challenges.



    Find a broad range of surfactants, dispersants, anti-foams, solvents, and adjuvants to enhance your agricultural pesticide and adjuvant formulations. Palmer Holland is uniquely positioned to help you produce a better product resulting in a higher yield.



    Elastomers are used all around us. Palmer Holland’s comprehensive portfolio of raw materials stands ready to help solve your most important elastomer performance requirements.



    Are you looking for the latest in natural, on trend, and clean label ingredients? Find all of your sources for Natural Nutrition here!



    Whether it is industrial, metalworking, or automotive lubrication, Palmer Holland and our partners provide both the high-quality components and the technical expertise for your formulations. Palmer Holland is the lubricant for your product manufacturing process!



    Bringing globally-recognized leaders in manufacturing directly to your doorstep, Palmer Holland understands the importance of having the latest and greatest paints & coatings technologies available at any time.



    Aligned with the leaders in specialty plastic additives manufacturing, Palmer Holland's dedicated team is focused on plastic additives technology, service, and distribution.

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