Synray Corporation

Synray is a manufacturer of modified alkyd resins, oil free alkyds and solvent borne acrylics located in Kenilworth, NJ. We have been in business since 1981 and a family owned business servicing the needs of Small and Medium size enterprises (SME) in the paint and coatings industry.

All of our customer are “house accounts” in the sense that we deal directly with manufacturers and do not use manufacturers’ representatives or distributors since we do not believe in “middlemen”  and want to deal directly with our customers. If you have a technical problem, you can contact our technical director or one of our chemists so we can know first hand what the problem is. We concentrate on the middle market companies rather than the large publicly owned or PE owned companies that demand supply contracts giving them priority when supply chains or production capacity limit product availability. All of our customers are “best customers”.

We partner with our customers to develop offset products so they are not dependent on any one company for their product needs, but we also have developed over the years a number of unique products. During these times of shortages, it is good business to have a secondary supplier for your solvent based alkyd and acrylic needs, and although we do make some commodity alkyds as an accommodation to our customers, we try to stick to our strengths which are modified alkyds or high solids alkyds that can be made HAPS free or in exempt solvents or are 100% solids.

Synray joined the Guild because we believe that the Guild members’ interest are closely aligned with Synray’s interests in the type of customers we want to serve.

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